Sonic: Return to South Island is an unofficial hack of Sonic the Hedgehog by presto, partially made by Team Painto.

Story:  After defeating Robotnik on Angel Island, Sonic travelled to South Island, thinking he'll vacation there. When he arrived, he saw that the Island was again full of robots and traps. He guesses this must be the work of Robotnik.

The hack will have the following zones when version 1.0 is released:

  • Sunrise Hill Zone (Green Hill Zone) - A mandatory GHZ ripoff.
  • Water Ruins Zone (Labyrinth Zone) - An underwater ruin in which Robotnik's badniks are taking over.
  • Cosmic Street Zone (Star Light Zone) - After leaving the ruins, Sonic gets launched into space by Robotnik's rockets into the Cosmic Street, where he's planning to make more badniks to destroy Sonic.
  • Lava Ruin Zone (Marble Zone) - Sadly, the badniks invaded this place, requiring Sonic to destroy them all!
  • Summer Park Zone (Spring Yard Zone) - Sonic catches a ride in the Summer Park, having a bit of fun during the adventure!
  • Crisis Station Zone (Scrap Brain Zone) - The last zone. Sonic is tired. Will he make it through?
  • Final Battle Zone (Final Zone) - The final battle against Robotnik.