Here you can find answers for Frequently Asked Questions about my hack.

Why you started this hack?Edit

I wanted to realise scrapped ideas from Sonic: Christmas Island, but the hack changed so much, so I created a new one cancelling S:CI.

When you will finish it?Edit

When I will do all planned things for this hack - new bosses, characters, levels, etc.

Will you add Jungle Zone?Edit


There will appear more 8-bit thingies?Edit

Yes, I'm planning to some 8-bit references in the future, but I'm not sure what it will be.

I heard that you are cancelling this. Is it true?Edit

No, just slower progress.

When you will create Sonic 2: Painto edition?Edit

When this is finished.

From all the characters.. WHY EGGMAN?!?!Edit

Because no one made before a hack with Sonic AND Eggman playable. The other reason is that I'm to dumb to make Tails/Knux.

Are you planning special things for Eggman?Edit

Yes, I'm planning to add him jetpack for Flying skill and "Air roll ability" which will allow to turn Eggman into a ball.

UR HAK IZ AWESUM!!!!!1111!!1!Edit

I know.